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White Rabbit Executive Coaching is proud to provide clients with the space and opportunity to reflect on their current status and next leap forward in a confidential and non judgemental environment.  White Rabbit Executive Coaching firmly believes in the philosopy that everyone has the creativity and potential to fulfill their own goals, especially if they are facilitated by an executive coach.


Alice in Wonderland

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Clare is an AoEC Accredited Executive Coach, is CIPD qualifed and has a degree in Law and Psychology.  Her background in Human Resources with BP Plc led her to further her passion as an Executive Coach working with individuals on a 1:1 basis.  Clare is currently working towards accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

Clare is a patient and calm coach who uses her warmth, compassion, positive humour and enthusiam to put clients at ease.  She believes everyone has the creativity and potential to fulfill their goals.  By working in partnership with clients, Clare's natural intuitive style allows her to encourage and challenge individuals to reflect on their situations and create realistic and achievable next steps. She stimulates self belief and confidence through structured discussions and accessing a variety of coaching models.  

She has been successfully coaching clients face to face and over zoom internationally. 

Fall Foliage

Life is a journey and to fulfil our true potential we need to be curious - curious about ourselves and the world around us.  At the very beginning of Lewis Carrol's 'Alice in Wonderland', the white rabbit is the spark of curiosity which awakens Alice from her doze and leads her to discover more about herself.  The White Rabbit is a symbol of Alice's quest for knowledge and White Rabbit Executive Coaching invites you to discover your curious side.


What is Coaching?

A thoughts-based approach

Coaching does not tell you what to do but instead asks questions to further understand and resolve the issues that a client has.  Through a process of reflective learning coaching endeavours to highlight an individual's past successes and achievements which in turn builds their self belief and self confidence.  This personal growth subsequently enables behavioural change and unlocks an individual's future potential.  In partnership, the coach and client determine the next steps necessary to achieve a client's goals. 

White Rabbit use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give clients the tools for success and to facilitate personal growth and change. 

What can White Rabbit do for you? 

Examples of situations that clients have brought include: 

Goal - Work Life Balance

The client felt overwhelmed by the demands of their job and their family life.  Through a series of coaching sessions, White Rabbit explored the issues which were causing the client to feel under pressure and what activities brought calm.  The client made decisions which promoted their long term goals, reduced activities which enhanced their stress levels and implemented strategies to provide balance.   

Goal - Undertake a Difficult Conversation at Work 

The client found that their relationship with their manager had significantly deteriorated but they did not have the confidence to openly discuss the situation. During 3 coaching sessions, the client was able to plan the difficult conversation, practice it and have the confidence to deliver it to achieve a successful conclusion.

Goal - Start a New Business

The client was at the beginning of creating their business and used the time with White Rabbit to determine the key goals which needed to be achieved.  They also raised in detail, key personal challenges which needed to be addressed before the business could truly be successful. 

Goal - Find a New Job

Transitioning from an old role to a new one can be a very daunting experience.  White Rabbit was able to increase the client's confidence during this period as they increased their networks, applied for various roles and interviews until they found a role.  


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


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