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6 Reasons You Need a Coach

1. You become regularly overwhelmed with day to day activities, uncertain as to why or how these feelings arise.

Feelings of being out of control can be demoralising and unsettling. You previously juggled many balls and all of a sudden you don’t know how to prioritise and when and how you should say no.

Together we reflect on the reasons behind these feelings of overwhelm and discuss what can be controlled. As part of my EMPOWER programme I also encourage clients to take on a small action under the heading ‘Compassion’. Clients realise how little time they give back to themselves and often, when they have started a regular self-compassion exercise, they begin to reclaim a sense of calm.

2. You’re scared to take yourself out of your comfort zone so stay in the status quo, frustrated that others metaphorically overtake you.

Staying in a the same mental space can damage your self-worth and self-belief increasing your limiting beliefs ultimately making your world smaller and smaller. We discuss where you vision yourself being in the future and what steps you need to put in place in order to get there. My Quiet but Bold programme offers the opportunity for clients to confirm what tangible techniques they can implement to increase their verbal impact.

My EMPOWER programme requests that you start an activity under the heading ‘curious’. It is important that it is a small task but could be regularly posting a LinkedIn post, meeting people you work with for coffee or starting a new activity. Successfully undertaking this small step is done while you are being supported by your coach and you are accountable for achieving it. Achieving something you never thought possible boosts confidence, increases knowledge and self-pride.

3. You’ve ‘lost’ your sense of purpose and don’t know what you want anymore.

Feeling stuck can lead to feeling demotivated and unsatisfied, as if you’re going round and round in circles. With me you will work through exercises which focus on your core values and key strengths. Previous clients gain so much from this information. Fundamentally a realisation as to who they are, who they want to be and where they can now focus their attention.

4. You don’t want to let people down and want to be appreciated so say yes to everything and everyone.

Implementing boundaries is empowering because they set and enforce limits, protecting your self-esteem, enhancing respect and enabling you to be both physically and emotionally healthy. On my EMPOWER programme you will identify what boundaries you naturally already have in place, why they are there and what others you need.

5. You constantly doubt yourself and the decisions you make to the extent you ask everyone else for their opinion.

Highlighting thoughts which promote a fixed midset can be life changing. Maybe it's your negative inner voice which suppresses any positive thinking but recognising a fixed mindset can stop the world we live in becoming narrower and negative.

With a coach you will reflect on your limiting beliefs to overcome obstacles that encourage a fixed mindset and stop you from believing in yourself. My EMPOWER programme requests clients cultivate their growth mindset by taking on one small activity which is done regularly for the duration of the programme. This could be a simple task like embracing the word ‘yet’ in sentences enhancing a subtle belief in yourself that you can achieve anything. Or to increase your self-belief by repeating mantras to remind you of your strengths and what you are capable of.

6. You regularly try new approaches or have goals you want to achieve but cannot keep new habits up and don’t achieve your dream goals.

A coach is a great accountability partner. They act as your cheerleader encouraging you to achieve your goals but also challenge you when obstacles get in the way and the easy option may be to quit. The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 95% more likely to meet a goal if they’ve commit to someone and have meetings to check in with their progress.A great reason to employ a coach!

My clients tell me that they feel more in control, more positive and, most importantly, more empowered, after they have worked with me.

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