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Holly Stacpoole

Clare was patient, caring and understanding. She gave me some powerful things to think about and suggested some great ways to help me with a tricky situation in my life that was starting to affect my business goals.

I left with clarity and a renewed sense of what I needed to put in place to help me.

I’d highly recommend White Rabbit Executive Coaching for anyone who needs some clear thinking and a nudge to take action towards your goals. Thank you so much!

Tomas Pesek

"Clare was very present during our coaching sessions and I enjoyed our time together. Clare contracted for our sessions very well and was also very flexible and adapted to my needs in the process. This was very useful for me and our coaching has had real impact on my life."

Teri Fleetwood

"Clare's coaching has been a revelation. I have avoided coaching in the past as I got the feeling that they were going to TELL me how to run my business.

Clare has, instead, MOTIVATED me to make the changes that I know are necessary and has helped me to explore different options for future strategy. As we come out of the harsher stages of the pandemic, I feel that my business is in a strong position to CHOOSE purposefully how we move forward, rather than making choices by accident."

Ceri Newton-Sargunar

"I loved working with Clare and was able to make real progress towards some of my business and professional goals.

I appreciated the welcoming space she created, and the firm, yet kind way that she directed our conversations. I'd highly recommend Clare to anyone looking to take real steps forwards, especially if they're someone who often loses focus, as Clare is able to gently, masterfully redirect attention to exactly where it needs to be."


Holly Hitchin

Clare was fantastic at helping me work out how to achieve my business goals. She also assisted me with brainstorming strategies for overcoming problem areas that were affecting my confidence with my business.

Clare's approach is the perfect combination of supportive and challenging - she never challenges you more than you can cope with!

Thanks to Clare my confidence with making business decisions has dramatically improved. I thoroughly recommend!"

Zara Mizen

"Clare has been like a Superhero to both myself and my business. Her coaching is supportive, encouraging and extremely motivational. The clever way I was challenged to really think things through was amazing. I left each session with detailed notes and a clear plan that I could then go on and fulfil. She does not give you the answers but alters your thinking so that you are able to find the answers yourself. Highly recommended! "

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