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How To Be Heard in Meetings

I meet people every day who tell me that they hate speaking up in meetings. Is this you?

Do you quietly sit listening to the conversation feeling the urge to say something but find yourself unable to bring yourself to share the valuable thoughts which are spinning round in your brain?

Does your heart begin to race as you try to tell yourself to voice your views? Does your mouth become dry, your muscles tense and your body tremble at the thought of opening your mouth to speak?

Discover how to be heard in meetings! In 45 minutes with me, you'll identify 3 practical techniques which will enable you to confidently speak your views in a group. 

Price: £97

EMPOWER Programme

Are you scared of making mistakes, scared that you are not 'good enough'?  Do you have periods of highs and lows and question whether you can deliver? Do you constantly worry and live just to please others? 

This is a 12 week programme with 8 1:1 coaching sessions, acccountability calls and self directed activities. You will go from avoiding confrontation to requesting constructive feedback; embracing change and having a more positive growth mindset. 

Price: £1050

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Quiet but bold

Being quiet doesn't mean you can't be BOLD


This programme increases your verbal impact with tangible tools and methods together with one to one coaching.


Enabling those quieter professionals to be bold and authentic.


10 Key Steps to Being Heard

Download the steps and reflect on what you can do differently.

Video Learning

Watch presentations on How do people think and Beat the Biology.


Confirm your take aways from what you have watched and learnt.

3 1 hour Coaching Sessions

Time to reflect, gaining self awareness and support to introduce new behaviours.


Price: £450

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